Workshop Repair

Workshop repairs are carried out in our specialised regional facilities. Repair scope can range from standard overhaul on turbines through to the application of specialist component repair and rotor re-blading.

Manufacture of Spare Parts

We can supply either OEM spare parts viz., Shin Nippon Machinery Co – Japan and Kobelco – Japan using our Sales, spare parts and service agreementsAlso TIPS can provide a high quality spare parts service that will reduce through-life cost of your rotating equipment.

Field Overhaul & Shutdown Maintenance

We will minimize machine downtime when shutdowns are planned in advance with our project managers who can work with our clients’ operations and maintenance staff to:

  • Develop risk assessments
  • Create detailed method statements and inspection criteria
  • Quantify manpower needs to reduce downtime
  • Review special tooling requirements
  • Identify spare parts requirements and manufacture or source them in advance